Used Panties And Other Items for sale in the UK & Worldwide 

Used Panties and Stockings for Sale: A Buyer’s Guide

Are you ready to experience a little bit of Mistress? well, it’s here, now you can buy some of my most intimate Items from my used panties/knickers to used stockings, pantyhose/tights and socks and not forgetting Master’s used items of socks and boxers.

The time has come for you to own some of my Items. I will frequently add items to the page with new items and ideas. So keep checking back if you want to own a pair of my scented Knickers.

These pictures an illustration of some of the panties I will be selling

Used panties – £25 add £10 extra for custom  

Used Tights/Pantyhose £25 add £10 extra for custom

Used Stockings £15 add £10 extra for custom

Used Socks £15 add £10 extra for custom

See this page for prices of all items and services

Step into my naughty world of sensual delights! Mistress Vonn is your provider of tempting treats to tickle your senses. Come get lost in my musky aromas and silky textures – I’ve got a treasure trove of used panties, stockings, tights, socks, silky slips, slippers, bras and much more that are sure to please.

Each item is lovingly worn to soak up every intimate scent and sensation before being carefully packaged and posted directly to you. And for those seeking an extra thrill, custom orders can cater for your wildest fantasies. So don’t be shy, let your desires run wild and experience bliss with my deliciously deviant wares. Indulge today and I’ll transport you to paradise with my pre-loved intimates. This is a judgement-free zone where fantasies become reality, so leave your inhibitions at the door!

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The Appeal of Buying Used Panties and Stockings

As someone who has sold hundreds of pairs of used Knickers over the last 20-odd years, I decided to start this side back up again and start to sell my used panties and stockings, as so many of you have asked me for this I decided to deliver but more.

let me tell you – this fetish has always been wildly popular! There’s something so intimate and arousing about wearing another woman’s used knickers. The musky, feminine scent and the knowledge those panties or stockings were wrapped around my most intimate parts is an incredible turn-on for many buyers.

A Sensual Experience When Owning My Used Ladies Panties

For panty, pantyhose, tights and stocking lovers, it’s all about the senses. The sight of delicate lace and silk panties or sheer stockings gets the imagination going. But the real appeal is in the smell – my natural feminine aroma permeating the fabric. Buyers tell me just the scent alone is enough to drive them wild with desire!

Customised Used Panties For You

The best part about buying used panties and stockings is that I can customise them, especially for you. Want me to wear them for a few days to build up my scent? No problem. Maybe you have a favourite style or colour in mind? I’m happy to oblige. Into a little extra kink? I can add some customs to the order after discussion for an additional charge. Whatever experience you’re after,  I will be able to do this and you as my willing slave, sissy, object will be desperate to get them.

Your Secret Pleasure

For many buyers, used panties, tights, bras and stockings are a secret fetish. The discreet nature of the transaction and the fact that the items can be enjoyed in private makes it perfect for exploring your fantasies. And of course, my absolute discretion is guaranteed – your kinks will be kept confidential.

If you’re curious to experience the sensual delights of used panties and stockings, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’d be delighted to create a custom experience tailored to your desires. Your pleasure is my pleasure!

How to Safely Purchase Used Undergarments Online

Online shopping for used women’s knickers can be a bit of a maze,  with so many online sites selling these nowadays you are sure to get lost in it all. But you don’t know these women that well, will they deliver?

I can tell you many of my slaves over the many years have told me that there’s nothing quite like receiving a package full of deliciously fragrant panties and stockings in the mail. However, you do need to exercise caution. Some unscrupulous sellers may try to take advantage of eager buyers, so make sure you follow these tips to have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Expect a waiting period

High-quality, well-worn items take time. Reputable sellers will hold onto items for at least 2-3 days before shipping to ensure maximum scent and pheromone build-up. If a seller promises same-day shipping, that’s a red flag.

By following these tips, you’ll ensure a safe, pleasurable buying experience and receive deliciously Used Knickers that meet your highest expectations! Happy hunting!

Ensuring Discretion When Buying Used Women’s Worn Panties

Buying used underwear can be thrilling, but discretion is key. As a buyer, you want to ensure your privacy and security are protected. Choose a trusted seller. I thoroughly vet each item before listing it for sale and take every precaution to keep your information confidential.

Once you’ve found irresistible Tights, pantyhose, panties, socks etc that catch your eye, proceed to checkout. I offer discreet packaging and shipping for your peace of mind. Your amazing tantalizing items will arrive in an unmarked envelope, with no mention of the contents on the label.

Let your imagination run wild as you picture Mistress slipping into these sexy Lingerie Items, her body’s warmth and scent still lingering in the fabric. My intoxicating intimates provide an outlet for your deepest desires and release you from the shackles of inhibition.

Buying used ladies’ underwear is a journey of the senses. From the thrill of the hunt to the tantalizing unboxing, I aim to craft an unforgettable experience for you.

Trust that your privacy and discretion are my top priorities. I take immense pleasure in providing this outlet for your desires and helping you unleash your inner sensuality. Here’s to freeing you from judgment and liberating your imagination!

Top Tips for Caring for Your Newly Acquired Used Panties

Let me start by saying, congratulations! You’ve just acquired an intimate item from me that will bring you endless amounts of pleasure. As the proud new owner of a pair of my used panties, it’s important you properly care for them to maximize your enjoyment.

My panties have been specially selected and worn just for you. I’ve spent days wearing them, getting them nice and fragrant, all without washing.

Now they’re ready for your sniffing and stroking pleasure! Store your new panties in an airtight bag or container. This will lock in my scent and keep the panties fresh for your next play session. Only open the bag when you’re ready to indulge.

Use your imagination. Think about what I was doing while wearing your panties. Picture me slowly stripping off my clothes after a long day, sliding the panties down my legs and bringing them up to your eager nose. The musky scent of my arousal will drive you wild!

Prolong the pleasure. Don’t overindulge in your new panties all at once. Space out your play times to make the experience last longer. The scent will fade over multiple uses, so take your time and enjoy every sniff.

Tell me about it! I want to hear all about your experiences with my used knickers. Share details of your dirty, sniffing sessions, how hard they make you, and where you blow your load. 


Used Panties for Sale FAQs:

Your Most Pressing Questions Answered

Do you have questions about indulging in this naughty little fetish of ours? I’ve got answers! As an experienced used panty seller, I get asked tons of questions from curious buyers like yourself. Let me put your mind at ease and satisfy your curiosity.

What exactly am I buying?

You’re buying a pair of my actual used panties that I’ve worn for at least 24-48 hours to build up my scent and natural juices. I seal them air-tight in a ziplock bag immediately after taking them off to preserve freshness and mail them discreetly to you. Think of these panties as an erotic memento you can enjoy again and again.

How do I know they’re used?

You’ll be able to see, feel and smell the evidence of my arousal in the gusset. My panties will be stained and crusty from my cum and drool. I make sure to choose panties in light colours and sheer fabrics that don’t hide anything. You’ll know without a doubt that a hot, horny woman was wearing those panties!

Can I make special requests?

Absolutely! I love fulfilling custom orders. Want a certain style or colour of panties? Want me to wear them during a workout or not shower for extra scent? Just let me know and I’ll make it happen.

How discreet is the shipping?

Very discreet. Your package will ship in a plain padded mailer with a generic return address. The only markings will be the shipping label with your name and address. The contents won’t be visible or odor-detectable from the outside. Your naughty secret is safe with me!

So don’t be shy – ask me anything! I’m an open book and here to fulfil your wildest used panty fantasies. Indulge yourself in my intoxicating scent and sticky treats. You won’t regret it!


What a wild ride! I never thought selling my used knickers, tights, pantyhose, bras and stockings online would be so popular and profitable. It’s been an eye-opening experience connecting with buyers who truly appreciate my intimate items. Though some may see it as strange, I’ve found purpose in providing a service that brings happiness. This panty-peddling journey has taught me to embrace desires outside the norm with open arms. The world needs more sex-positivity and less judgment! Now go forth and sniff without shame, my panty sniffing slaves, sluts, cucks and losers