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 SMS Sexting Chat with a kinky Dominatrix. Can you feel that tingle of excitement and anticipation running through you? I’m Mistress Vonn, and I want to be your kinky text mistress. Let’s cut through the small talk and get right down to business it’s time to make you work hard for me now.

 My sexting text message slave and sissy training will blow up your phone with naughty messages, instructions and demands, that will have you squirming in your seat.

Think you can handle my teasing words and tasks? I’ll push your boundaries and take you to thrilling new heights you never imagined. Don’t be shy, now. Grab your phone, get those thumbs ready and dive into sexting nirvana with me. You know you’re curious. Indulge your desires. Let’s do this.

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I can also do the sexting view Skype if this is something you would prefer to do with me. Just select your package whether it be a back-and-forth at the time of Skype sessions or a package as listed in this article. Just select what you need. it is 80p a message for texting back and forth at a time that suits us both.

What Is Sexting Chat?

Sexting chat is when you exchange naughty messages over text with someone to spice up your relationship or just for fun. As your Mistress, I love using sexting to keep you on your toes, give you tasks to complete within a time limit, and punish you if you fail.

How It Works I offer premium one-to-one sexting services. That means you’ll be chatting directly with me, the real Mistress, and not some fake bot. We can chat about whatever kinky topics you like, and I’ll describe in graphic detail all the ways I’ll tease, torment, and how you can please me and make me happy and be my good boy or girl.


The Benefits

Sexting with your Mistress has so many benefits. It allows us to stay connected in between calls and keeps you obedient. I can surprise you with messages day or night, keeping you constantly aroused and attentive to my demands. Sexting is also a great way for us to explore new kinks and push our limits in a low-pressure way. You never know what tasks or punishments I might have in store for my naughty slaves!

Click here for prices and to book your private sexting Chat

Sexting Packages to Choose From

I offer sexting packages to suit every need and budget. My basic package includes casual sexting a few times a week, perfect for staying in touch. My unlimited package means I can sext you spontaneously whenever the mood strikes me. For those who love constant teasing and torment, my premium package includes sexting multiple times a day, every day, to keep you on edge.

Sexting with your Mistress allows us to take our Domme/sub relationship to the next level. No matter which package you choose, I’ll make sure to keep you aroused, attentive, and obedient to my every command. Now be a good slave and select your sexting package so the fun can begin!

Benefits of Sexting With a Mistress

As your Mistress, sexting with me allows you to be owned and controlled, teased, dominated and humiliated, show off your submissive side and exchange some messages. I know how much my subs love a bit of verbal foreplay to get the adrenaline pumping. After all, what’s life without a bit of excitement? Sexting is a great way for us to connect when we can’t be on the phone and the anticipation of what’s to come will have you on the edge of your seat.

Stay Obedient and On Your Toes

When you’re not serving me on the phone, it can be easy for you to become complacent and forget your place as my sub. Sexting with your Mistress is a way for me to issue commands, and set tasks and deadlines to ensure you remain an obedient slave, even from afar. If I feel you’re slacking in your duties or need a reminder of who’s in charge, a few stern messages from me should quickly bring you back into line. I want you ready to serve me whenever I demand it.

Push Your Limits

I love pushing slaves beyond their comfort zones in mistress phone sex sessions, so why should that be any different remotely? Sexting allows me to issue challenges and commands that make you squirm, all from the palm of my hand.

I can demand photos, videos and other tasks that expose you physically and mentally. Without the physical element, sexting enables me to focus solely on mind games and power play. How far will you go to please your Mistress? I’m going to find out.

Stay Connected From Anywhere When Sexting with Mistress

The beauty of sexting is that I can keep you on a tight leash no matter where in the world you are. As long as you have your phone, I have a direct line to you 24/7. No matter if you’re at work, with friends or on holiday, you must always be available to serve when I call. Sexting ensures there are no excuses for ignoring my demands. You’re mine, and I expect a quick response whenever I message. Understood?

Rules and Expectations for BDSM Text Messages

When it comes to sexting with Mistress Vonn, there are a few rules you must follow to ensure you stay on my good side. As your Mistress, I expect full obedience and compliance with my demands, even through text. Be Respectful First and foremost, you will address me as Mistress Vonn or Mistress at all times. Any disrespect will be punished severely. I do not tolerate backtalk or attitudes from my subs. You will speak to me with reverence and politeness.

Respond Promptly

I expect quick responses to my texts, especially when I give you a command or task to carry out. Do not keep me waiting, or there will be consequences. Have your phone with you at all times so you do not miss any messages from me. If there are times you cannot respond right away due to work or other obligations, let me know in advance. But in general, I should be your top priority.

Follow All Instructions Carefully

Any tasks, commands or instructions I send via text should be followed precisely. Do not cut corners or make assumptions. If anything is unclear, ask for clarification right away. But once I have given an order, carry it out exactly as I have specified. Your obedience and submission are essential. Fail to follow my directions, and punishment will follow.

Be Creative

While following orders is crucial, I also want to see your submissive side come through in our conversations. Be submissive, and playful and engage with me. Surprise me with a naughty picture or tell me your wildest fantasies. The more we chat, the more I want to get to know your kinky mind. Don’t be afraid to open up to me!

Privacy is Key

Finally, keep our sexting private and confidential. Do not share screenshots, texts or any details of our conversations with anyone else without my permission. Our sexting relationship is just between us. Discretion is expected.

By following these rules and meeting my expectations, our BDSM sexting sessions will be enjoyable for us both. But break my rules at your peril, slave! You have been warned…now come, let the fun begin! grins devilishly Tell me, what shall we discuss first? I’m all ears.

Sexting Packages Available With Mistress Vonn

As your Mistress, I offer several sexting package options to suit your needs and budget. I want to make our domme and sub relationship as accessible as possible, even when we can’t meet in person or be on the phone or webcam. Sexting is a perfect way for me to train you and keep you on your toes between our sessions.

Basic Sexting Package

My basic sexting package includes casual chatting and light tasks to start getting you accustomed to serving me. I’ll message you a few times a week with small demands, like sending me a photo of you in a submissive position or doing a daring task that may involve a little risk. This is perfect for beginners exploring their submissive side or those with a busy schedule. This package is £10 and will have at least 13 messages

Intermediate Sexting Package

For those ready to dive deeper into submission, my intermediate package ups the ante. I’ll be messaging you daily with more intensive tasks, punishments, rewards and training. Things like edging yourself on command, writing lines for me or public humiliation are on the table. Be prepared for surprise messages at any time! This package is ideal for experienced subs wanting to strengthen their devotion to me. This package is £30 for at least 35 messages

Advanced Sexting Package

My advanced sexting package is for truly devoted slaves wanting to offer themselves up to my control completely. I will be messaging you multiple times a day with tasks, demands, and punishments to keep you in a constant state of submission. Things like orgasm control, financial domination, and following detailed tasks are possibilities. You must be willing to give me full control and follow my every command. This level of submission is not for the faint of heart but promises to be an unforgettable experience for the right slave.

Sexting with me is always private, discreet and tailored to your needs. I look forward to hearing which package suits you best and beginning your training, my pet. Our domme and sub relationship can extend beyond in-person sessions with the intimacy of sexting. Prepare to surrender yourself to me completely. I’ll be waiting for you… This package is £55 for at least 55 messages 

Frequently Asked Questions About SMS Sex Chat

SMS sex chat or sexting with a dominatrix like myself can be a thrilling experience, but many of you may have questions about how it all works. As an experienced mistress specializing in remote training and domination, I’ve answered all the common questions my slaves have asked about sexting with me.

How does sexting work?

Sexting with me is simple. If you purchase one of my sexting packages, send me a message to get started, and I will begin sending you kinky texts, tasks, and demands that you must follow. I may text you at any time of the day or night, so you must keep your phone on and respond promptly when I message you. Failure to do so will result in punishment. Sexting is a great way for me to keep you on your toes and reinforce your submission to me, even when we can’t speak on the phone.

What kind of messages will you send?

The content of our sexting conversations can cover a wide range of kinky topics. I may describe in graphic detail all the nasty things I want to do to you, threaten to expose you, give you humiliating tasks to perform, or demand that you send me compromising photos of yourself. I love pushing boundaries and exploring new areas of BDSM, so our sexting can get extremely perverse. Be prepared for me to constantly surprise you!

How often will you message me?

The frequency of my messages depends on which sexting package you purchase. For some, I may only message a few times per week, while for others I will be in constant contact, messaging multiple times each day. I do not follow a set schedule, so my texts may come at any time, day or night. Part of the thrill is the anticipation of when I might message you next! I want to keep you on edge, always wondering what kinky demands or tasks I may have in store for you. You may also have bought my packages for just texting back and forth without the packages.

Can I message you back?

Of course, I expect you to promptly respond to all of my messages! Our sexting conversations should flow back and forth. I want to hear how my messages and demands make you feel, and I may ask you questions to ensure you are following all of my commands properly. Failure to respond to me promptly will not be tolerated and will result in punishment. Sexting with me is a two-way street, so I expect you to actively participate in our kinky conversations.

Sexting with an experienced dominatrix like myself can be an intensely erotic experience. I hope this FAQ has answered some of your questions about sexting with Mistress Vonn. Now, go purchase your sexting package so we can begin your training! I have so many wicked surprises in store for you.


Sexting with Mistress Vonn is the ultimate way to explore your kinky side. Whether you’re a slave, sissy, loser, sph guy or cuck, I will train you with demanding training texts that push your boundaries. It will always be Mistress messaging you those kinky, dirty demands. Ready for a humiliating sexting adventure? Choose your package and let the fun begin. This could be the start of an exciting new chapter in your BDSM journey.