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Please complete the form below and Mistress will get back to you to confirm a time and date to begin your call. Please fill out all areas on the form Including how long you want the call to be for. I charge £1.50 a min for just myself or £2 a Min for Mistress and Master. I use Throne, Wish Tender, amazon gift cards or bank transfers for payment

You can click here on this link to pay for a session. On the left-hand side of that page, you will see Send Surprise. It is just under my picture on the left as per the example below.  Work out what you need £1.50 a min solo £2.00 a min couple and press send. You can also send me tips and tributes from that link

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You can also send payment via Throne Find the item the tip or spoil me that is close to your time and select it. You can also send me a message via Throne and Wishtender once you have paid

My Throne is here

Please give details of the type of phone call or texting service you are looking for. Please also state the day, time that suits you best. If you want to buy one of the packages listed on my site then please state which one and i will get back to you to discuss
Please state in here how long you want the call to last, Minimum time is 10 minutes. If you are looking to text state how many text messages you want to d
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